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With the aim of “better alloy,better world", Tianjin Zhujin Technology Development Corporation is a professional company

adhering to technological innovation on the combination of advanced alloy design concepts, powder production processes and

quality control procedures at home and abroad. This company has been focusing on the development, production and sale of

different alloy powders used in various application process, mainly including nikel-base, cobalt-base, iron-base(including stainless

steel), cuprum-base, particular, customizable series which are widely applied in different technologies, such as oxyacetylene

spraying; high velocity oxyfuel spraying(HVOF); Plasma Spraying; Plasma Transferred Arc welding(PTAW); detonation gun

spraying; Induction Remelting; Laser Cladding; vacuum brazing; Metal injection Molding (MIM); Soft Magnetic Alloy powder;

centrifugal casting; 3D printing and so on.

Such products are especially applicable to Automobile, motorcycle, aviation, aerospace, petrochemical machinery, chemical

machinery, metallurgical machinery , shipbuilding, mining machinery , engineering machinery , internal combustion engines , plastics

machinery, glass molds and diamond tools, etc.

In order to warranty the high quality of company products, a product quality control standard has been made in accordance

with international industry standards and national standards, which has been contentiously revised according to the “PDCA”

principle. Meanwhile, the company is also equipped with advanced machines including ThermoFisher ICP (Inductively

Coupled Plasma) spectrometer, LECO nitrogen/oxygen analyzer, Malvern laser particle analyzer, Zeiss metallographic microscope,

Germany Zeiss electron microscope and Panalytical  Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence  (EDXRF) to control quality. In

addition, a well-equipped chemical detection laboratory is available to provide quickly and accurate analysis for raw materials and

products, which means an enough guarantee to the long-term stability of products.

With the philosophy of “Renovation, Trustworthiness, and Win-win”, reached the principle of "two trust", the one is the

company trust, the other is the customer trust, It wants to make more comprehensive cooperations with different customers thought effective communicative and high-quality services.